Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I remember watching this commercial on television years back, I am not sure if it was on Astro or the now defunct Mega TV. It was a man voice in a commercial. It was telling us all the senses that we have (sight, hearing, taste, etc) but at the end the most important sense he told us, was the sense of style...It amuses me a bit in the end when he said that, its like being blind or deaf is okay as long as you look good. That brings a whole new meaning to a malay saying "biar papa kedana asalkan bergaya" (being poor is okay as long as you look good). Its not THE MOST IMPORTANT thing but being in style or having a personal style is important. Some people seem to just walk out of a magazine while some looked like walk out of a laundry basket. It is intuative, that the well dressed people seemed to immitate and do it even better than the people they are copying. Is it something they were born with, they have this amazing eye, hand, and pose coordination that they can whip out anything in their closet and still look right. It helps nothing is wrong in their closet. Could it be something that you learn over the years after looking like sack of potatoes then somehow you learn to find stuff that looks nice while still feeling comfortable. It could be something else. Who knows what is in the minds of designers, stylist, and models, which they make thing seem effortless. Perhaps it is, since the more you tried, the more likely you look like "you are trying too hard". Why am I writing this? Well yesterday I moved our computer out of my dad office. What is the connection you ask? I think yesterday was the longest time I ever spent in her room in like 5 years after our house got renovated. My sister does dress well and 99% of the time she gets it write. She is a personal shopper to her friends and to the family. Kinda makes you wonder what makes her tick. After a long look in her room while setting up the wireless network again at our house.

Even those with a natural sense of style need updates and new knowledge from those who are experts in it. I never knew she had so many of these books.

This is just something for my friends, those who loves shoes and have lots of the. My mother got fed up with my sister's shoe collection taking up space in the family shoe cabinet, so she made my sister get a custom made shoe closet to store about 3/4 of her shoes. The other 1/4 is still in the family shoe cabinet.

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