Wednesday, October 21, 2009

3 Tips For Less Cluttered Room

Yes, less cluttered but never clean, because I know I can never or try to make it clean, just less cluttered. There was a show on Oprah, about cleaning up your mess. I only managed to watch the last 30 minutes of it, but it was worth it, because it thought me a few simple rules to keep my room "less cluttered"

1.Keep Flat Surface Clear

I absolutely love this one, and its the first thing that I do. It means anything that has a flat surface, should be clear. These include desk and beds. They are made to work and sleep on (desk or bed, you choice ;) ). They are not storage units that you can dumped all your stuff. This makes the biggest impact in my room. I can lay on my bed anytime now, and have a clear desk now.

2. Assign Areas

This means we should assign each area to do a particular task. Bed = sleeping, Desk = laptop, Closet = clothes etc. We should never put our stuff on a place not assigned to it.

3. One In Out

This is a rather tough one, since what ever one thing you have placed in your room, you must take one out. Oooh its tough, because I am a hoarder myself and like to keep stuff. However I try to throw out whatever I can now. Since none of it is worth donating anyways.

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