Sunday, October 18, 2009


We had a karaoke machine at home. I think many homes had these old VCD player with karaoke function. My dad even bought microphones and all the other equipments. He did try to have like a singing session with the family, but somehow the idea escapes us all, especially my mother. It was just not something that we as a family would do. As a result, the karaoke system got covered with dust overtime, and in the end, we totally forgotten that we had it. However, on my dad's side, karaoke was the thing to do. It was a family event that is commonly done during weddings, open houses or just for plain fun. I kinda wondered maybe the karaoke gene skipped our family or did it. Slowly as sure, each of the sibling seemed to pick up the karaoke fever at around the same time at different ages. We all seemed to be picking on karaoke or some form of music. My brother is in a Scremo band, going here and there, promoting their music in gigs and stuff, my youngest sister, is the queen of mp3 downloads and lyrics. My other sisters and I, now enjoy our karaoke sessions together or with our own friends often. Its kinda funny to me how the transition from being completely adverse to idea of holding a mic, to a weekly activity. Now only if my mother would like to join a session, then we could have like a family outing at the karaoke centre with the buffet. Yum!
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