Saturday, October 10, 2009


Its a story about a plate size papadom, not those bites size or palm size, but 10 inch in diameter size papadom. I want a papadom that big too!!

Its a story the origins of a fictionous (is it?) Nasi Kandar stall that grew for a small stall beside a building to a franchise business.

Its a story about a caring dad, a loving mother, and a sweet daughter.

Its a story about friends and how they stick with each other through thick and thin.

It's a story about a father never wanting to stop being a father, and a daughter who wants to grow up.
It's another story by a our beloved director Afdlin Shauki. He told us in his blog, this story is very relateable to him, how he as a husband and father feels when going through his own life. How to balance money, love and responsibility. Its a story that strikes the core of every man who chooses to be a father, husband or both (hey some people choose to adopt only..). Its a comedy, a family comedy, that deserves to be shared with the whole family (its rated PG13.. so I guess you need to bring the whole family). This film won Best Film, Best Actor (Afdlin), Best Actress (Liyana Jasmay, who played the daughter of Aflidin), Best Musical Score (Music in film and Best Original Story. I agree, it sounds like a simple plot, but the story line is defiantly some I did not expect. I hope people watch this film with their family and friends. and see for yourself the hidden message you can find or understand in the film.
This film reminds me of Q&A in a Reader Digest issue. This is how I remember the Q&A went..
Dear Aunty
I have two daughters, Sarah 15 and Amanda 11. I gave Sarah lots of Independence and trust when she was 11 because she showed traits of maturity and responsibility that lets me be at ease. Amanda has just turned 11 and I am not sure about dealing a child favourite argument "you let her do it at that age, so why won't you let me?" I want to be fair to my children but I am not sure how to deal with this predicament.
Fair Parent
Dear Fair Parent
Each morning, look at your reflection in the mirror and tell yourself " I am the parent, I make the rules, I am the parent, I make the rules, I am the parent, I make the rules". If your child does bring that favourite argument to you just say "Yes I let Sarah do it when I feel she is capable of doing it, so I will let you do it too when I feel you are capable of doing it"
Ouch... that certainly stings to the child that hears it and definitely THE answer to give. It kinda explains why my mother treats us all a bit differently, different child, different parenting.....
Just like papadom... ;)

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