Saturday, April 11, 2009

Animal I Have Become

Each day allows each of us to find out a little bit of ourselves. A self learning, reflecting, and guidance of our selves. I found out with a little help of cleverly created quizzes in facebook ( although you need to filter it out from the other dumbF@#k ones) and things that happened in my life, is that I would drop everything to do anything to anyone I loved/liked. I also expected them to the same thing. This does create abrasion when I feel they don't do the same part as I do. I felt like they don't feel or think the same way I do about them. Perhaps that is the reason or perhaps I expect too much from people. I mean why won't you do everything in your power to do everything that you can to help someone you truly care. Alas it only works if they felt the same way that you do. The ugly part of this abrasion is that I can turn really ugly and perhaps say things I should not have. Do I feel regretful of what I have done, that answers depends on the current mood I am in. I would say it helps me to shape me to become a better person and to handle it better in the future. On a bad day, well I would constantly reenacted the situation over and over again and became very agitated. Drivers on the road beware, because I will try to run you off the road. Scary yah... I guess that is the animal I have become..

Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become. An AMV (Anime Music Video) with Sailor Saturn. Frankly I have seen the anime before but I always wondered why there were Sailor's from Saturn. Apparently she was there, it was just that I have never been able to see that particular episode.

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