Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Getting Serviced

Am I a bastard? I think so. Am I a tough customer? It depends on how you treat me. Do I make a good exercise to for sales representative, human resources, customer service and other areas where the workers have to deal with humans? Definitely. Will I bring you hell? Hell yeah, but only if your service rates among the worst. Servicing your car is probably one of the best ways to test human patience for both customer and the worker. Especially if you work in a company where you have the best selling car in Malaysia. Yeah it’s that ugly time again, where the car needs servicing. Not only you have to handle the pain of paying for the maintenance, which is very important to prevent the torture of paying high cost of repairs in the future, you also have to wait. Sure you can leave your car there, and then do whatever work you have. Sometimes you just don’t have that luxury of having someone to pick you up on command. So I guess you have to wait for the car.

I used to send the car to the Perodua Service Centre in Bandar Teknologi Kajang, in fact it’s where we send the Myvi as well. So far I have no complaints with the service centre. I like it very much indeed especially after they upgraded it into a Super Service Centre. The waiting room is comfortable, cool, there is free flow coffee and milo. Some cheap crackers are also available. Most important of all, there is free WiFi. I can’t stress how incredibly important this function is in any establishment that requires a person to wait for more than 30 minutes. It makes 2 hours of waiting seem so short.

Well I decided to try the Balakong Perodua Service Centre. This is a dealer service centre if I am not mistaken similar to the one in Bandar Teknologi Kajang. Meaning they do offer a 1 hour super service (only for regular servicing excluding any other problems that might occur) which is great if you are short on time, or you just do not want to hang around the service centre wasting your life. Also these service centers have their files on their customers centralized in one mainframe, so that if you go to any dealer service centre, they will have the record of whatever service and repairs that you have made on that car. This is great so that you can check the history of repairs on your car. This also greatly increases the resale value of your car if you decided to sell it. I mean, won’t you feel more secure knowing you have actually real proof that the second hand car you are about to buy has a proof of the services and repairs that has been done on it. Can you really trust a person saying he has changed the oil and done all the repairs of the car by themselves? If you do, you must have a lot of faith on the person you are purchasing the cars from. Sure it’s a little more expensive to service at Service Centers instead of some mechanic workshop located under a 100 year old tree, but for the long run it’s just so much better.

I am not sure about Proton or other car company’s on keeping their customers file in check, but the old workshop that I used to send my Mercedes does keep track of all the service and repairs that have been done to the car. I stopped going there because the new mechanic just cannot wipe his dirty grimy hands before he touches the interior of my car. This happens to many workshops where the jackass workers seem to love to leave their marks in my car.

Anyhow, where was I…. oh yah the service center. Yeah, I think the one in Balakong is not as respectable as the one in Bandar Teknologi Kajang. In other words, this service centre SUCKS!. They don’t allow you to walk in and get your car serviced. Instead one must make an appointment. When you do try to make an appointment the customer service officer seem to be taking a nap or goofing off somewhere because they let the phone ring until it you get disconnected. Once you are in the service centre, they do take a sweet amount of time before they get to attend to you. When asked about the 1 hour service, they said since I complained about my cigarette lighter not working, it would take 2 hours to do it. As I was writing this 1 hour has passed and my car has still not being touched. The waiting room, opps wait, waiting area, since its not a room technically but just some couches and a LCD tv which is combined with the showroom. The “room” is quite warm, since they are probably still celebrating earth hour by turning off the aircond (or too damn lazy to fix it). There are no crackers, and they use these cheap ass coffee instead of Nescafe like the one in Bandar Teknologi Kajang. Another appalling features that is very important if you have plenty of waiting and perhaps agitated customer is the lack of WiFi. Quite embarrassing for a so called branch Service Centre. There is also not enough plug point for me to plug in my charger for my laptop or handphone, an important feature to have also when you have waiting customers who have nothing better to do other than waiting.

Is there anything good at all about this service centre? Any thing? Must be something right…. Wait. Let me think …..hmmm… good.. this SC?....The lot would be a good place for other businesses to set up if this SC burns down to the ground…….. Oh wait yeah I got it, it has Astro and they don’t sell me any fuel additives. I guess Astro subscription is cheaper for them than to subscribe streamyx… Will I go here again? If only this was the last SC opened on earth, and only because I want to ensure the resale value of my car to decrease.

p.s writing a letter to Perodua. So far being angry but polite when writing letters has shown good results for me. CIMB Kajang and TLS gym seemed to react when I write these letters. These shit..err people seem to respond when upper management tells the m the complaint that they are getting from customers. After all I am not the only bastard that complains, there are plenty of other bastard and bitches out there, having a fit with these establishment.
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