Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sense of Smell

I was feeling extra disgusting today. Okay I have been feeling extra disgusting all week long. Things just don't smell nice anymore. After that horrible series of incidents where I had to be exposed to decaying carcases and had to endure the smell of it for weeks. I felt like I was so used to smell decaying animals, I just numb my sense of smell. Sure I spray perfume each morning, but that is for other people so they won't think I stink. Today however was a bit stressful. I had no problem helping a friend out from a hospital and waiting for him since I have my notes handy (recombinant protein here I come). Somehow during that waiting period, something smells bad. The worse thing about it, that it came from me. Suddenly my shirt smells bad, I could smell my how bad my shoes,feet and socks smells. Then the smell of my car suddenly came into my nose, the smell of carcasses was still there. Then I suddenly remember the smell of my room and how the towel really stinks up the room. Arghh! Help. When I got home is to find my air freshener that I chucked into a corner somewhere. I sprayed not once, but twice all over my room. I need my room back.
I stripped off my clothes and make sure they are washed (putting it near the washing machine for my mother) and went straight to the shower. I make sure I brushed my teeth well to remove all that nasty plaque. I took a long hot shower using generous amount of germ killing Dettol shower gel, shampoo using the new range of Herbal Essence Shampoo, which smells heavenly (they now brought back the anti dandruff range) and use this vanilla smelling conditioner. After that, I went back to my room, literally smother myself with a perfumed lotion and then proceeded to dust my feet with some medicated talc to absorb every other smell. I finally felt clean, I felt like I washed off every problem off. I need to go back to the pool. It works almost the same way, to be in the water and swim, even though my form sucked.

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