Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cut into pieces

This a bag with the frozen cat inside.

A pouch containing some surgical tools

I first peel the head of the cat to reveal the skull.

It was tedious since the skull in incredibly hard and my scalpel blade kept breaking off

So I decided to get some new tool, which includes a saw, some knifes and a knife sharpener.

I need to saw off the skull before I can reach the brain.

Then I tried to pry the pieces open.

I am trying to pick out the shrunken brain. I put it in ziplock bag for future use.

Then I cut the gut open so that I could get the lungs, heart, and liver.

My lab mate help to photograph me in action. Beside he was stress out because of his work so he decided watching me hacking a frozen cat would be a perfect way to unwind. :p

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