Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Payday of Silly Little Things

Its payday and its time for everyone to enjoy their fruits of labor for the past month that they are working. Its also time to pay bills and settle your mortgages. Perhaps its time to pay back a friend or family that you have borrowed or just settle old debt. What ever it is, that proverbial sack of gold is getting empty and there is nothing you could do about it.

Alas, most of the time, we should not worry because payday will come again and the cycle starts over. For the few unfortunate people, paycheck does not come and they are forced to live on whatever nuts they squirled away. Well I play to squirl up as much as I can each month away in a separate account. My eyes gleams with joy seeing all that money piled up. Seeing 4 digits in your bank account is very satisfying.

Due to this however, I am spending as I was still a volunteer, but with a major difference. I could now save, pay my study loan and pay back the money I borrowed to buy my Blackberry, which soon will be as "parental" money that I give to my parents.

Downside of this squirled up life is that buying a car and renting a place of my own seems like an impossible dream until I have sufficient enough money. Lately though, I feel like its something I must do now. Everything is just getting stressful in my personal and I can just leave it at that. I guess people feel like its cool to report back to everyone whatever I rant regardless of what platform I have shared. However, I am asking for trouble for actually accepting them as friends, even though I felt like I added them only so I can share my thoughts and feeling with them. I can only say congratulation to them, this is the last straw before I put them in the restricted list. It is a cool list, since they can only see a fraction of what I do and most importantly what I say.

Some say I get a bit over dramatic over such "silly little things", but when these "silly little things" get add up over time, it becomes a "major big thing". Of course, most of the time people still shoved it back to me and say "its just a silly little thing".

I have a friend who is sad most of the time and people thought it was from studying too much time, but little do people know studying was actually a relaxing for my friend to do, same like me, I like my job, sure there are stressful things here and there but its all good. Its those "silly little things" outside of the Twin Towers building that just drives me off the wall.

"Silly little things" they say. Well its not silly to me, and I do not appreciated you undermining me that way.

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