Tuesday, May 1, 2012


At work, we had a 1 day course with a theater actor. It was said that he could give us tips on how to do science shows because he is one of the few theater actors that actually get request from science school and centres. We had a work shop on script writing and he told us that in order to become better writers we must write. It sounded reasonable enough and its one of the tips out there to improve writing.

However, he emphasise on writing with a pencil and paper. He said "WE MUST". I asked if we could you a computer, he said "NO" and claims that it does not have the same effect as holding a pencil and paper.

Well I almost could not resist asking about using pens and glass or a tablet with a stylist to write, but might as well leave him leaving my company being happy. I still think its absurd. Just because technology has surpassed normal pencil and paper, while some people has learned to type as efficiently or even quicker that writing such as my self, it does not mean it does not have a link through our brain.

I personally think, its an old fashion thing, the man was 57 years old or something, so its kinda understandable. Its as logic driving a car without power steering, or doing your laundry by hand and even cooking using firewood  compared to using modern technology.

Well, what ever it is, you must write, and you must write everyday, and its best if you write the moment you wake up. Well that latter might be a problem, however typing in using my smartphones won't be so hard.

Our mundanes days are intriguing to other people, but our whines and complaints are not.. So write, or type ;)
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