Monday, May 14, 2012

The "n" factor

The letter n on my blackberry has gotten quite sticky. It means its just not as responsive as my other keys on my blackberry. I bought my blackberry earlier this year partly due to jealousy of other people's high end smart phone and that I wanted a blackberry again even though I hardly used its BBM service other than its email.

From a practical point of view my mid ranged android does almost everything except it lacks the internal memory my bb has. As I type this on my blackberry each "n" its a constant "push" while the other letters feels like a part of me.

Easiest way to solve this is just to send it back to the place I bought it and get it repaired. Somehow I am afraid that if I did send it in, it will never come back to me the way it was before. There is also the fact that my blackberry subscription has just been renewed so I feel like if its send in for repairs it could be days or weeks before I get it back.

What is it with me and my attachment to non living thing? Its not like I am not prepared to return it, I already charged my backup phone and even backed up my blackberry to my computer so that I won't worry if all my data was replaced. Hmmm..... Most of the cases of problematic blackberry that was on facebook has been solved, now why won't I send mine in? There is also the possiblity that they won't understand that my "n" key is not responsive enough to my touch but then why should I wait till my warranty expires just to get it fixed?. Decisions, decisions...
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