Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Guilt is the feeling when I sleep with the air conditioning on for two nights in a row.

When something irritates me as hell at home, maybe misplaced items, maybe items are missing, maybe its the comments, I feel no guilt.

Leaving dirty dishes? No guilt
Leaving without saying goodbye? No guilt
Not socializing or coming out of my room? No guilt..

Pitiful right?

Its very pitiful and sad indeed to be doing things like that. However if you look at it closely, it resembles passive aggressiveness. I seriously doubt anyone actually notices that. Heck no one notices me when I am sick but they do notice me when I am thinking alone or daydreaming while walking.

Nonsense right, its as nonsense as forgetting my jacket at the dry cleaners, yet again since I just saw my resit as I am typing this blog on this rather warm laptop which is struggling to play World of Warcraft for me....

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