Thursday, June 28, 2012

Of a phone

I once read that Malaysians were one of the countries with the most usage of handphones in the world. In fact many of us has more than one phone, including yours truly.

Why the second phone one might say? I like to keep a second number from a different carrier. Its great for emergencies, calling the person of the same carrier and great for keeping my scandals and family from each others.

Also I like to use a different phone for different functions. I was once a hardcore Nokia fan. I even had two of the flip phones (no one makes flip phones anymore, even motorolla quit).

Then I got a blackberry and fell in love with it. Even though I had no friends on BBM nor did I had any internet access. Thy keyboard, seriousness and security appealed to me.

Then came th Android OS. The only reason I liked it before is because of Angry Birds (I don't even play it anymore. So I got a Samsung. Its nice and allowed me to fumble with the latest craze of touch screen phones.

Am I happy? Well I gotten the top end Blackberry, so things are going well with its nice qwerty keyboard, touch screen and excellent processing speed not to mentioned internal memory to store everything almost permanently.

My samsung? Well I got the midrange model. I am fine with the slower processor and less clearer screen. The thing that erks me the most has to be the lack of internal memory. There is only a wimpy 190mb of memory. To make things worst some apps have to be installed into the phone which robs the extra memory. Argghh I am okay if it had at least 1gb of internal memory since all the other apps goes to the microsd card. I could go to a upper midrange phone which has everything I want but my heart yearn for the top line model. It makes the credit card burns in my pocket. After all its only a swipe away.
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