Saturday, June 16, 2012

Baking a calm and free pavlovas :)

Baking a calm. Yes that would describe how I felt about baking. When I was doing my research it was definitely stressful add to that, I was slowly trying not to become awkward around people I just met. So yes, it was a sting to my nerves.

Baking was my escape. It was nice and I had people to feed it with. Back then I seem to get invites to gathering a such. Alas cliques break, friendship ends and bridges are burn. So the invites has become less and less. It helps people have another activity to do too.

Its okay, I still have the office staff and the volunteers to feed. Lol. These people are very lucky. I am practically giving free food and everyone loves free food.

Right now I have a pavlova sitting on the table, just waiting to be lathered with whipcream and strawberry kiwis. Are you the lucky one who gets to try it?
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