Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The day before tomorrow..

bYah today was a relatively normal day, but I had to make appointment with my lecturer to check the viability of my toxoplasma in my mice. The results were dissapointing. NO MORE PARASITE :(...

This so called "macho cute" pose was actually a diversion of the nice clouds in the background :)

The dead one.. it got infected with bacteria not parasites :(..

A funeral for the mice..... just the mice not the whole cage :D

Suprise me... there was a catfish inside the store where they stored the shovel.

Mice infected with Plasmodium brugei a rodent type malaria, used to study anti malaria medicine.

Lapor and bored and thinking about mice.

It was a nice and sunny day kat golf, so pleasant to eat. Too bad tetiba so many people came to eat. My order came quite late.

Work, blog or study.. choices I have to make each day :D

Klinik was empty today

Empty and yet I have to wait for so long.

Went out today to get my fave magazine, sunblock for CNY activity and medicine. People told me I made sounds when I breath, the doctor say my sinuses are blocked. If it does not get well I have to seen an Ear, Throat , Nose specialist..

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