Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Today I finally had a chance to go back to one of my favourite restaurants . This La Rizz, its located at Sg Merap, on the way to Putrajaya using the trunk roads, instead of turning left at the traffic light, just go straight to the second traffic light and the restaurant will be to your right (its a bad explanation but I am terrible at direction, I only knew KLCC and Bukit Bintang is a stone throw away from each other last year :p)
This the restaurant, its specialty is the "bakar" stuff, or grilled lamb, squid and fish. I came here mainly for the lamb. I was already at Golf when my friend said they were going here. I got off my butt and joined them here. We carpooled to this place and we talked politics all the way here and all the way back to UPM.

See the prices of the food is reasonable, so it won't break the budget.

See the lamb being grilled oh so nicely :D. When I think of lamb, I kept thinking abg Bear lamb dishes.. (yummm)

Served with two different dips, I loved it and there is no lambish smell to the meat.

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