Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Crash test

I ran out of ideas of what to post since my life got really boring today, so I decided to post some pictures that many Malaysians love to look at. Accidents of course, but do not worry, there is not bloody bodies or severed head like you see at PDRM booth for accident awareness. Just test result from EURP NCAP that crashes vehicles to test their worthiness,

This Daihatsu Sirion or here in Malaysia its sister the Perodua Myvi, they share the same body structure so theoretically they should perform similar. Our Myvi does not have the side airbags this Sirion has. This car got 4 out of 5 stars which is not bad.

This is the Waja, yes the real one, exact same one from Malaysia. The car does poorly even back then Proton kept saying Waja was created to pass NCAP. Yah it passed with only 3 stars out of 5.
This is the Kia Carnival or its clone in Malaysia, the Naza Ria. This MPV did poorly in offset test which is the car hittng a barrier at an angle. This will cause the crash to load on one side of the front end. This kind of test the body structure of the car, and this car only got 2 stars out of 5. However in the US crash test this car received 5 stars because the US crash test, test the whole front end of the car so the load is spreaded evenly. Offset test the structure of the car while full frontal test, will measure the effectiveness of the airbag and seatbelts.

This are only a test to emulate real word accidents but its not 100% accurate, so just wear your seat belt, drive safely and if you can get the car with all the the safety equipments such as airbags and ABS.

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