Monday, February 25, 2008

Coffee and medicine

You probably wondering what the hell this is. This conconction is actually two bags of Old Town 3 in one hazelnut white coffee with a scoop of Paddle Pop Ice cream. It look nasty but taste not bad lah, behind all that color, Paddlepop is just toffee flavoured ice cream, so I got a bit of tofee and ice cream in my cofee.
That plus a night time cold medicine the doctor gave me. This is actually the first generation cold medicine or anti histamines. Its a bit drowsy so its perfect for nightime use. With enough spirulina, Vit C, Cod liver oil and cold medicine, my cold should be gone soon. I went jogging with a friend at Tasik Permaisuri. This will be our weekly activity to jog around the lake, actually now its just power walking, sometimes he goes faster and sometimes I go faster so we pushed each other to our limits. Its nice way to exercise, running on the threadmill at home is boring, but I try to do it so that I can increase my stamina.
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