Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today is my friend wedding, on the way, the blue skies and sandy beach is calling us..

Calling us for ikan goreng tepung, udang goreng tepung and keropok :D

The wedding itself was boring.. here is the female side of the tent
and the male side.. Segegrated seats for kenduri...... plus no kompang, no fireworks, no berarak. no bersanding, you would not know that it was a wedding if someone forget to mention to you.
At least this candid expression of my friend being truly happy, makes up for the un weddingness of the ceremony :D
Beside the food was GREAT!!!!!

Where else you eat nasi minyak with ulam, belanchan, cencalok, kerabu mangga, kari daging, acar buah and dal.

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