Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another day, another choice

Another day in the life of a struggling master student. Actually all of us are struggling in one way or another and we make a choice each day. Continue or quit. Its a choice we make everyday when we wake up to the lab

I went to see a proposal presentation today. Its basically just a seminar where students will present their proposal in front of a panel and their peers. It prepares us for the frightening Viva Voce that we need to do so that our thesis will be finish.

Not many students watched these things because everybody is preoccupied with their own research.

I jotted down a few tips that is very crucial when participating and presenting in these seminars.

  1. Prepare
  2. Interact with the panel and public, do not read
  3. Practice, ask lecturers how to properly pronounced each word
  4. Pray the the panel is very nice, or had a nice day. Nothing worse than a panel that is hungry and in a bad mood, They will eat you up alive.
  5. Thank god when its over and pray again when you have to present your finished thesis.

I had to go to the main library to find some old journals for my research. This is a bit too old, 1957 the same day Malaysia got independence. I saw some journals hailing from the 1913 in a special room. Somehow that room had an eerie feeling because everything is just so old.

Found it, need it, want it, and reading it. This is the journal I am looking for

We need to buy these prepaid photostat cards in order to photostat documents or journals.

I need to photostat the journal since we cannot borrow it. Beside would I want to drag around at 3kg book.

If you are bored, there is a flat panel TV for you to watch, but the channel is set to Discovery channel only. Ok today was a busy day but I am glad I got everything done. Tomorrow is another busy day, doing genetic research. Jom, lets learn how make recombinant protein tomorrow.

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