Friday, February 15, 2008

From UPM to IMR

My master research involves parasites that can live inside white mice. White mice is a great host for T. gondii because the parasites can replicate quickly inside the mice. The problem thing is the mice died before I could transfer it to another mice. So terpaksa buat muka kesian and go back to IMR :(

I used the world most expensive longkang AKA the SMART tunnel. I can get to IMR from UPM a lot faster using this tunnel.

As you can see, I was really bummed out because my parasite died and I had to beg from IMR to give me a second sample. I also had to drive all the way to KL meredah traffic for that beloved parasites.

Parking in IMR is horrbile and there is not many of them . See how terribly I park.

Its because my car is too long for that particular parking space, argh how I wish I have the Smart Cabriolet, so what to do, parking mcm nih meh :p

Then I was happy..why???

I got these babies.. these cute white mice..:)

They are loaded with the T.gondii parasites so I can have my T.gondii collection again. I heard IMR and myself are the only people in Malaysia who has this particular strain of T.gondii.

Somemore when I returned to UPM, this truck blocked my path. If you look closely it seem this long trailer turn a bit to wide and cannot go through the corner

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