Thursday, February 21, 2008

Budlee the red nosed scientist

Yah its been a while in my standard that I have updated my blog but so many things happened along with sheer laziness has caused it to be delayed, even though there is so much to write about. Anyways it was a stressfull week for me. I had a major riff with my prof who is also my supervisor for my thesis. The rift was so severe in addition with an assignment that suddenly was given a dateline along with a relatively mild cold has lead to a severe flu like symptom. So I skipped lab on Wendesday and slept half the day. People who met me noticed that when I breath I will make these whistling noises. Asthmatic people are usually those that noticed this condition with this because its one of the asthmatic symptom, which is the sound of blocked breathing. What happened is I had a cold more than a month ago, what I do usually is take some anti histamines, double up on my multivitamins and blow my nose until it gets dried and red. This is because the virus that causes most cold likes to stay in the nose. So that is why we will get green mucus and other stuff coming out from out noses because that is the body reaction to the foreign substance. A fever is also the body natural ways to kill the virus because the virus cannot live above normal body temperature. My main mistakes was that I did not blow my nose hard or frequent enough to remove all of that nasty infected mucus. I just let my stuff nose become a stuffy nose and let it stayed that way for more than a month. Now I plan to get rid of it, so you will see me with lots of tissue in my pocket, a red sore nose and vaseline. Vaseline??? that is for my nose to moisturized it because it felt dried and irritated from all that nose blowing.
Boy that a mouthfull, I hope I get most of the facts right because two doctors are actually reading my blog (gulp...this feels more like an essay in my clinical microbiology class during my degree.
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