Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ever After

I loved this song and I love this movie. This is Ever Ever After by Carrie Underwood, a soundtrack from the movie Enchanted. I loved the movie so much I watched it twice. I actually like chick flicks like this, you know romantic comedies. I know its a girl thing, but I just love it the romance, the humour between two individuals in a relationship. Its a trait my older sister dragged me in, and I am not complaining. I first listened to this song before the movie was shown. I liked it at first and loved it till now. For some the lyrics maybe quite cheesy and may cause nausea to some people, but I love the message it gave to us

"Sometimes you reach what's realist by making believe "

I agree how can you achieve anything in life if you believe it can be true. If negative thoughts is all you have, then it may just come true. Sceptics beware, having a little faith does not kill you.

"You even might wind up being glad to be you"

Sometimes we feel our life sucks so bad, but then it mean you have not opened you own eyes and see what other people had to go through. Be thankful.

"Each happy ending's a brand new beginning "

I like this particular part, just because you reached the goal that you set for yourself, it does not mean it stops there. You will have to keep on going into something better.

"Forever could even start today"

Well no one lives forever, but memories will live as long as you choose to remember it. Good memories should be kept and pass to other people.

"Maybe it's just one wish away"

A wish can also be a prayer, if you don't ask, how can you get it. If you don't asked people, how can they know what you want.

For all the sceptics out there, if you think what I just wrote down in this post is a bunch of crap, then so be it. If you prefer living not trusting another soul, believing everything is for the worse, and thinking everyone is just waiting to cheat you, you might as well dig a hole and just stay in it forever. I mean life is too short to for us to think like that. Enjoy life while you can, because it could end anytime soon...

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