Saturday, March 1, 2008

Most of you will probably think, that I look crazy or mad. Has the stress gotten to budlee? some may ask..

It's 1.17am and I am still perky and cheeky with no sense of sleepiness.

Its because of this coffee, I ran out of coffee in the lab, so I need to restocked my supplies. I have my Old Town at home but Red packet Nescafe 3 in 1 taste so plain. I wanted to try this type of Nescafe added with Tongkat Ali and ginseng. It taste great, I guess to mask the herbs that they added they need to amke the coffee taste more appealing.

I was up looking at my yeast expression system to produce my recombinant protein. I finally found the correct one and I brought all the information I that my supervisor need to design the right kind of primer. She wants the genomic DNA profiling by next week, so I need to prepare.

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