Sunday, March 30, 2008

From UPM to KL to Kajang

It was bloody hot that Friday, I got out of the lab quite late. So I had to get something quick and light for lunch because I will be joining a dinner with a few blogging friends.

The sky was extra blue today, and with this hot weather. Its bound to rain later in the evening.

It was so hot, I had to switch on the AC while eating lunch in the car. Better watch for the temperature and fuel, so that I won't be left walking all the way back to the lab in the hot weather.

The haunted Akai radio was my company. Haunted as in, it could switch on or switch off itself, the volume could also change on its own.

I had a errand to be done in KL, so I drove to KL in rushhour traffic. I took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up being stuck in a traffic jam. Tonight also was my dinner with fellow bloggers, I preserveir through the jam. I had great company beside me so the 2 hour drive did not feel so long or so bad at all.

Ok after this I forgotten to take any pictures because I was so busy. On Friday night I had a satay dinner with fellow bloggers and non bloggers alike. Hairie, Arel, Zizan, Josh, Azwan , Rizal and few of their friends (dudes I am sorry I lupa your names, telinga I pekak sikit...). It was fun meeting Josh for the first time, because he is a scientist/researcher and there is stuff that only he can understand that I can talk to. A charming guy, who looks and personality that defies his age. Zizan was Arel's friend that he brought along that was also pleasant to be with, with a good head on his shoulders. Rizal brought along his Malaysian friends and a Brunei friend. The Brunei guy was a bit bashful but the rest were nice to be with. Sorry for the pictures because Hairie and I challenged each other who can eat the most satay. I lost count but I think I had 40+ satay sticks, I think Hairie did too. Please visit Josh or Rizal's blog for pictures
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