Sunday, March 16, 2008

A night out....

It was nice night last night. After I took the gift from Dr Shah, my friend and I went to Sentul to meet some people. This was my first time meeting them, and my first time driving to Sentul. I love to go to new places in KL. I was born in KL but I still don't know where is where. My friend laughed at me because as we about to leave Permaisuri, I instinctively attached my Smart Tag to its holder. He asked what I am doing, I said, well it will be easier at toll. He laughed again and said, there is no toll to where we are going. Huhu... I guess if you live in the city, there is no toll, but I live in the outskirts of the city so toll in something I regularly pass each day and it becomes my daily routine. We arrived at Sentul and had supper at stall in front of my friend friend's condominium. The kueh tow was nice and the company was pleasant. We were laughing, teasing, and talking everything under the sun, from politics to daily regime. Definitely something I look now to just lepak and hang out. Thank you to those who "belanja" this struggling master student from Kajang. You know who you are :).

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