Tuesday, March 25, 2008


See this, this pot looking thing is actually a chinese tea cup. I was served tea (not sure whether chinese or green tea) at Shah and Beruang's house when I went there to give them a homogenizer (a scientific name for a lesung really :p) made from wood that was given by Awie to me to be given to them. Not meant to be used but as a source of decoration, Anyways other than the unique shape, the design is pretty unique too. The cup may look full but the base is hollow, meaning when you have hot tea in it, the based feels cool but the rims feel hot. Great way to enjoy tea if you asked me :)

I had a great chat with my prof about doing my future in PhD in Malaysia. He said from his personal point of view of his experienced of doing it for 8 years in the US, he hated going to class and rather just basked in the summer sunshine, sit on the bench at the park during spring, or just ice skate in the frozen lake during winter. Sure the experienced is enriching to live in another country, but you are there to study and not to enjoy. Sure you may have you breaks to travel and such but in the back of your head, that assignment, that deadline and that quiz will always be there. Its not a honeymoon or a vacation, but hard work. I rather vacation there than study and go crazy for another 5 years.

But then those are views of those that have experienced living there. I would not stop those who chose to study overseas, but right now, going overseas is not my cup of tea for the moment. Definitely a new outlook in life for me. Thanks to those who commented on my previous post about my complains of the future. 6 more years at least to study. I will get a job as a tutor when I do my PhD, so at least if I made enough I could choose to have the Independence I crave, or to satisfy my current materialistic needs. Future here I come :)
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