Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jual and mkn..

There was a demo on a new analyser for UPM, so the supplier to conduct a demo to show how the analyser works and how it could aid the students, lecturers and other users. Oh yeah there was also food, so basically many people did show up :p

I was trying to understand what they were explaining because this was crucial for my research. However my Kak Hanim, the lab technologist said, that we have a similar machine already, we are here for the food okay :p

I was trying to pay attention, but my fingers got itchy for a snapshot :p

This the spectrophotometer, by a company called Shimadzu. It sounded like a good deal, it comes with a Hp printer, 2 quartz sample holder, and software. It also has a 2 year warranty. Total cost, just around RM 30,000. :p

Oh yes the food, the demo comes with some refreshment made by our favourite caterer in UPM. There were so much leftovers too :). Just some friend mee hoon, popiah, and this purple kuih made from yam. Nescafe and tea was served too.

Speaking of makan, I had another free meal for today :). Kak Hanim decided to bring something to the lab, so she steamed rice (she brought her rice cooker) and some lauk that she cooked the night before. I had this meat called seladang, I had no idea what it was, it tasted a lot like buffalo but a lot more chunky and tough. I really like it.

For those city slickers like myself who have no idea what Seladang is, well guys this is Seladang, in English it is called Wild Cattle. Its bigger and stronger than the buffalo. Kak Hanim said she got it from a zoo. The seladang was getting old, so the decided to just sacrifice it and give/sell the meat away. Yummy.. I want seladang some more :). My friend said, he would not eat it, chicken and cow is ok, but seladang, he said its so big, and muscular, he just cannot eat it. Heh heh, I just chew on it and loved every bite of it :p...

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