Saturday, March 22, 2008

The future

I had a great chat with a friend today about my future. I said after my masters, I would just like to work and buy a house, a car and travel. But he said, continue study lah. He said I am lucky because my life is still suitable to become a student. My dad still be working for another 7 years, my mum is still healthy, i have my own room, and i get to use the car. unlike some who had to work because they need to help their family or they do not have the funds to further it..
Sigh.. I just want to say they are wrong, but they are right, even though my dad is like raging bull in the house, its not like he is a raging bull all the time just when there is no ciggarettes around, mothers are naturally worried about their children, so white lies could cover that up, siblings are annoying, but just locking the door of our own rooms should do the trick.
Hmm... I mean why not right.. might as well got straight to the finish line.. I mean I struggled in diploma and still graduated, I hated my college (cough.. KUTPM cough MSU cough SUCKS) but I still graduated, I felt like jumping off the top floor of the building but I never even been to the top floor why not right?..
I am just about to finish my 2 semester, so I almost have a year left to do my research. GULP!!!!
One of the fears about PhD is that, I have to be a student again, for another 4 years. meaning still depending on parents, still living with them, still driving the old old old car. I will be 30 by the time I finished my PhD, which means I was a student for 23 years. I will have all the degree that a person would have if they just never stopped studying. Secondary School, Diploma, Degree, Masters, and Phd. Our wall is already full with my convocation pictures.....
Another thing is that I do not want to do my PhD outside Malaysia, even though everybody is telling me to do it in the US or UK. But I like what I have in Malaysia now, I had lived in another country before for 3.5 years, I have the experienced of being a minority. I like what I have now, I like the friends I made now, I liked the people I met now, I like my blog very much and I am so thankfull for those who actually reads it.
Hmm maybe I need time to think about it, I have 1 more year left before I finish my masters, maybe I will have an answer by then
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