Thursday, March 6, 2008

He says, she says

I had lunch quite late with a colleague of mine. Well actually I came to the Golf first and the she came along just after I was finished but I still sat along with her to sembang2. We were talking about our project and such. We talked about my prof and our Master work.She was in her 3rd semester and she has finished half of her thesis. Her work is more field based while mine is molecular and very lab based. She has a supervisor who gives her all sorts of admin work to do, while all I have to do other than my thesis and class is to be the IT guy when my prof faces problems with his computer and Internet.

Right now I am getting prepared with my up coming project which is to produce recombinant protein. I am not saying that I was happy but I am not saying I am exactly annoyed but maybe its just an observation. She maybe a bit stress because it seems I don't do much work around here and just stayed in my tiny room. I mean she does not have a clue of what I am doing but she gives such comments? I think its not fair, because I never question her work in front of her. I mean I could just shot her down with the fact all she does is field work, which is great to help people, but for the future, it may be hard for her to do her PhD.
My work is molecular based which is the future of all research. No I don't have to go out and drive to all my research areas like her, while I could just stay in the lab all the time. Maybe she is stressed because she has to handle labs, and other supervisor admin work but that is how her supervisor work. Her supervisor wanted to train her to become a tutor. I still have class with my prof and doing all these molecular and genetic stuff that has never been taught during degree. Yes my personality is the type that is less stressed and laid back, which to some people it shows that I am lazy. Well that is me, like do you even know what I go through. I mean we all have issues of our own.

I was kinda annoyed that she assumed I am doing nothing much like what she is doing. Little does she know the hells gate that is about to be opened once I start producing my recombinant protein, vaccination trials, histopath slide preparation, and autopsy. I mean she and I has a completely different thesis. I know her supervisor does not agree with what my professor is doing and I know by heart my professor does not agree with what my friends thesis is about.

Well only time can tell right, whose thesis is more valuable. The race is on sistah.. we will see who does better...

(nothing like a friendly rivalry between friends right ;) )

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