Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just a Day..

Today as you all know is Maulidur Rasul, the prophet Muhammad S.A.W birthday, so its a public holiday in Malaysia. Many people chose to take Friday's off so that they would have a long weekend. Today I also had to wake up quite early because I had to drive my parents to the airport, they had a wedding to attend in Indonesia. Today started off quite well, received a long telephone call from a loved one and it really did start up a good day for me. It was agreed that we go out later in the afternoon, so I schedule my plans around that time. Alas our planned did not go on as planned, so I ended up spending my evening bored and played Warcraft 3 to death. I was kinda pissed off, but then I can't because I did not have a legit reason to get angry. I mean explanation was given, I received 2 missed calls that were 15 minutes a part, but I could not hear it because the volume of my ring tone was too low, and a prior warning was also stated that is had a chance to not happen but I guess I got carried away with the excitement.. again. I really should just stop and think about these things again, instead of just getting carried away. So I was kinda pissed off since I can't get pissed off because there is nothing to get pissed off which just really pisses me off. So I decided to take a nap, at 7pm. Not exactly a wise choice because I ended up confusing reality and dreams. I was not sure if I sms or answered the phone in my dreams or when I was awake. It was very confusing, but I guess when you miss someone presence, it tend to get carried on to your dreams. I guess my subconscious felt the same way too. They say if you are angry, you just lie down and sleep. I did and woke up feeling cranky. So I took a shower and wanted to go to McD. I woke up around 10pm you know, but my expanding waist and shrinking wallet, prodded me to just make something in the kitchen. Unlike the rest of my siblings, I do no say there is nothing to eat, when the fridge and pantry is full of food.

First course, a simple slightly burned chicken franks baked in a toasted oven, smothered with chili sauce and covered with bread. Simple, tasty, but I was still hungry
So I decided to make omelet bodoh. Weird name right, but it was my mom's way of describing a food that is prepared with out adding anything in it other that spices . So basically this omelet is just eggs, pepper, chili flakes, salt and full cream milk. I think I added too much milk because I had to go to the toilet after eating it. I am a little bit lactose intolerant and only full cream milk was available at that time. Or maybe because I was just eating emotionally. At least the hot dog were baked and the omelet was cooked without oil, so I felt less guilty ;). Tomorrow is another day, my DNA extraction kit will arrived (hopefully) and I could extract my T. gondii parasite and then run it through PCR (polymerase chain reaction) to amplify the DNA. My other supervisor waited for me to genomic DNA.. sigh. Its going to be one messy looking DNA because I did not (too slow to order) have the polycarbonate filter to separate the white blood cells from the parasite. White blood cells is one of the cells that contains DNA. So if both parasite and WBCs are present the genomic DNA picture won't be as nice.

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