Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today was a bit stressful in the lab, even though there was no one there. There was a meeting in Bangi, but I was in no mood anyway. So I decided to do my work. My Plasmodium berghei, a type of malaria in rodents, that I kept in mice, was still keeping its host, the mice, alive. Its been 3 months already and they are still alive and kicking. So I decided to make thin blood smear and stain it with Giemsa. I finished quite early and left the lab earlier because my appointment with my friend was at around 5.30pm.

At around 6 pm I was already driving to Permaisuri, when he sms me, saying he had to delay our meeting because something came up and said that we could meet later around 8.30pm. I already paid two toil and was just passing Plaza Phoenix, I just said yes because its too far to turn back and decided to just proceed to our meeting place. I called up my married Hyundai Coupe friend and asked if her husband is at home because I want to lepak at her place. Alas her hubby was not at home, so it was not ethical for me to lepak2 at her place. Beside I could clearly hear that she was cooking or something. She must be preparing dinner. So I drove to KL, so I could go to Jco at Pavillion. My family have not tasted Jackie Chunk yet, my current fave at Jco. They all loved that and Al Capone.

Traffic was murder as usual at this time of day and I took a wrong turn to Pavillion and ended up taking the long way. I got stuck in a jam for almost an hour. I was at a jam, when I noticed these new residential apartment. What strike me in aww, is that his OneKL residential building, has 94 units with 95 swimming pool. Yes 94 rooms and 95 swimming pool, meaning each unit has their own private pool. That is so cool, I wonder how much to buy this unit? 1 million? 3 million?... Hopefully it won't surpassed 5 million.. (cisss ckp mcm mampu jer beli)

I think it has been a long time since Jco opened, but they still have this deal. I wonder if this is a real deal or just their regular price.

Pavillion is so nice, but the B2 parking has this shitty, raggedy ass looking lift. They have not finished with the lift, so they board it up with plywood.

The walls has become a graffiti artist easel to write and draw to their hearts desire. After buying the donuts, I decided to look up some magazine at Times bookstore. Around 8.00 pm I left the Pavillion and was greeted with another jam. My mood was still bad that time, so my temper flared and my fuse got shorter. I ended up racing on the MR2 with my old baby Benz with a early 90s Civic and a black Gen2. All 3 of us were swerving left and right on the MR2, and there were heavy traffic, but we still went in and out of traffic. I was using my auto transmission like a manual and down shifting when needed. This made me think, could I stand the small engine that a Viva or New Saga has that proves 1/4 or half of the power my Benz can delivered.. My poor Benz, got pushed hard. Luckly I am still alive, it was pretty crazy you know, but I was determined to be on the tail of that early 90s honda civic and he proton gen2. my mind went tunnel vision and I just started racing with them.. Thank God my thank is still full.

I met my friend at KFC, I found it appalling that they only opened one counter. while there were still many people around

My friend gave this scarf, I am still thinking of ways I could use, no sense giving to anyone else you know.

Finally, he gave me this gula melaka like candy. It taste almost like gula melaka except that its lighter and finer in taste. I liked it and the packing is nice.

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