Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Lately there has been so much post that is about complaining, but today I think, its better to post about the things that I am thankful for.

I am thankful, I could still dressed down to class since the dress code in my faculty is not really stressed. I still can go to class in jeans and crumpled t-shirt with out any strange stares from people. I am also thankful my waist size, although dangerous, is still small enough that I could go to most clothes outlet and find something in my size :).

Thank god for this laptop, because studying would really suck because I could not do my work and carry it wherever I want. Also its a great boredom buster

Thankfull for still having a full set of hair, and not having anyone in my family that is bald. Also thankful that I am still sane, even though sometimes I know another push could send me over the edge of sanity

Thankful for credit card because the car guzzles so much petrol, but my parents told me they would cover the petrol expenses... for now... :D

Thankful for this company that my dad and sister works for. If not, there is no way I could get whatever I that was given to me in this life. No travelling to North America, no free medical for my childhood asthma, and no Masters if my dad was never employed here.

Thankful for my own room and how everything could just blocked away by shutting the door. No need to share with siblings, no need for mum to yell to clean up my room, since my room is separated from others. 5 siblings with their own space to do what they want, something most people don't have. As over protective my parents are, they always and ALWAYS knock on my door before entering, unlike pesky siblings who just barged in even though I am half naked. (I do forget to lock the door okay....)

Thankful because there is an extra car for me to use everyday and to travel to and from KL. Without it, I will have a butt sore from merempit to my destination.

Yes I am thankful for what I have even though I sound like spoiled rich brat. Which is not true we are not rich, we are upper middle class in an upper middle class neighborhood :p

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