Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lab to Melaka to Kajang

Most of you know me as the spoiled, complaining master student who drives his mothers left hand Mercedes. Little do you know, I am a recovering rempit. I used to rempit 120 km/h between Arau and Kangar when I did my diploma in Perlis. I used ride my motorbike to school before I even had a license. I would travel back to Kajang each weekend from Shah Alam when I did my degree. Although I love riding the motorbike, accidents, flat tires and inability to carry much luggage has mellowed my rempit side of me. I still keep the motorbike and let my lil bro use it. I mean if everyone of my siblings is at home, the Mercedes needs to stay at home. So my motorbike is my only method of transportation since, there is practically no bus service around my neighborhood.
After riding through a scorching hot sun, I decided to treat myself to this cool treat, A Cremera Chocolate pecan ice cream with chocolate covered nuts.

My dad has a craving for seafood in Melaka, so off we go the whole entire family (7 of us) in our Naza Ria heading to Melaka. It was raining very heavily at first.

Soon the weather clear up and the trip became clearer :0

We stopped by this stall because my mother wanted some cencalok and belachan.

My youngest sister spotted this keropok just hanging around and asked me to buy it. Every since I could remember, this keropok is always red, a bit greasy and to me had a bit of polystyrene texture to it. Its just keropok made from shrimps really with food colouring.

We had dinner at the Parameswara Ikan Bakar.

Nothing like a cowboy to come to the rescue when we needed an extra table, since the rest of the staff is clueless when we asked for extra tables.

The usual cat asking for morsels of our food to survive. My older sister called this one, Tiramisu.

Food was abundant and we had a good time together as a family, a full family that is

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