Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Went out again on Sunday, it seem I am always out right, heheh. This is a shirt my sister bought for me, a BMW Sauber shirt. Its a nice shirt, but I can't shake a feeling off when wearing this shirt.

I drive a Mercedes (an old one mind you), a Mclaren Mercedes okay.. Its like I am betraying one company with another. Like a Coke driver drinking Pepsi (Hey I brand conscious when we are talking about cars ok :p)

Its an old car okay, see the mileage, you must know its in miles not km. This car already has more than 300,000 km on it after converting from miles to Km.

This car has overheating issues. Expected really, since its American born, and you know how Americans complain about the hot weather here, this car included :p.

I had lunch with a few friends at this Thai Express, a level above the food court Thai Food in Food republic but a level below the other classy Thai restaurants they have in Pavillion.

Then we went to Tangs, because my friend wanted to get a something for his friend. Seriously I was intimidated when going to this store, because it looked kinda up class, but there was a sale and the prices of the stuff their is comparable to a Jusco Sale.

I got this nice collared shirt. Collared shirt is great for someone like me because it focuses my strong features which is my wide shoulders and preventing people from looking at my stomach :D. A round neck T shirt just emphasizes my roundness.

I had dinner at the Food Republic and noticed this brand new drink. Sour soap.... Wow.. soap that has gone sour.. what will they think of next :p...

My old laptop, its not even that old, I been using for like 6 months already, but dad wanted to buy it from me because his friend needed a used laptop. My parents figured my laptop is a suitable choice since its been taken care well.

Hmm what will I do... my parents offered me to get a new more powerful laptop...heh heh (evil laugh)

TADA!!!! A new black, sleek and shiny Compaq Presario. Double the hardisk, a more gamers tuned processor (Turion X2), and 3D card.

Finally, found use for the scarves I got, it makes a perfect lamp shade, which allows soft blue tint light in my room. Kinda like a nightlight.

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