Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bleeding Love

Whoa its been like 3 days since I last updated... sorry lah.. I got assignments to do meh..
It was a Monday, and I got tired dressing like a college student (jeans and t shirt) so I decided to just wear something a bit more formal today. Beside I need to rotate my wardrobe, I kept wearing the same stuff all the time. Not only it is boring but it will age my favourite stuff sooner.

Today is the blood specimen day, where they will check my blood before I start their program. What program you say? Its an obesity study to find out how physical activity and food affect the subjects health. They put up quite tough standard in order to participate because other than you have to be overweight or obese, you have to be healthy and you have illness. Now that is hard to manage, thank god its been years since my last asthma attack and so far I am not suffering from anything.. yet..

The nurse/staff/phelobotomist was there to take my blood. However when never I need to get my blood checked or when I donated blood, something would happened.

They could not find the vein, if they do they found it its a small vein and it will collapsed.

So after poking and prodding, they finally found the correct one. I am kinda used to be stabbed twice whenever someone needs my blood. So I just laughed about it with them.

After finished giving them blood, I got this toteback as a souvenir. Its practical since I can shove my books in their if my laptop bag is too full.

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