Sunday, April 20, 2008


Went out with family today to mkn2, shop and play bowling. This will be my mum's first time bowling. After a heated argument with my sister we had tea/early dinner at the food court. I had the butter claypot chicken,
My younger sister had the black pepper chicken in a small wok.

My mum had the seafood wok noodle.

The lines at the drinks counter was ridicously long, I guess they were not aware that a lot of people are visiting Alamanda now since GSC is opened there.

Doing what girls do, which is shop and shop and shop. You can either beat them or joined them, I rather join them, I got shirt today, so no loss for me :)

This was mum's firs time bowling, she had a blast throwing the ball. Her scores is not bad since she managed to hit the pins instead of throwing the ball into the pit.

Alas she got second place, not bad for a beginner, although I suspect its beginners luck. At least I still managed to get the highest score :p (I was the one got 120, my regular score, I am grateful if each reach 3 digits :D)

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