Sunday, April 6, 2008

Evolusi KL drift

Evolusi KL Drift is one of the latest Malay film to hit Malaysia, that emphasizes on cars and drifting, a technique where you slide cars into corners instead of driving into it. Think rally instead of F1 and you will get my idea. Below are just some of the star studded cast

First we have this Honda 3 Door Hatchback, it did not get much exposure in the film, the only part it got was showing its rear in a garage scene. However the main reason why it cannot get exposure is because Honda Civic were never meant for drifting, since drifting requires a car to power the rear tires. Civic and 80% of the cars in Malaysia, powers the front tires. You don't believe me, asked you friend to watch you as you accelerated your car on sand or wet road, and look which tires spin, the front or the back.

Then we have the Subare Impreza WRX, with the turbocharged 2.0 litre engine and all wheel drive, meaning it power all 4 wheel, almost like a Pajero. Its a bit difficult to drift in an all wheel drive car since, all wheel drive cars have incredible grip to the road. Some racers found techniques where they could drift/slide in a all wheel drive car, but some will just "lock" the front wheel so that the car only powers the rear wheel.

Yes the is a Silvia, a Nissan Silvia, the female character car in this movie. Its a cult car, meaning its the car to be use for any type of racing, except rallying of course. Powered by a turbocharged 2.0 liter engine, rear wheel drive, and impressive handling, men and women alike love this car.
Skyline, is like the Godzilla of the Japanese cars, with a all wheel drive, 2.5 litre, 6 cylinder engine that has been turbocharged, it can go from a standard 276 hp to almost 1000hp depending on how strong the boot from the turbo charger is given. In Japan however the cars are limited to 180km only, which kinda sucks, but most racers takes the limiter off when they want the car to race.
Another car that was just there for eye candy. The Toyota Celica, powered by a relatively small non turbo engine, it can't really go against any race in its standard form, so extra boost from a turbocharger, engine tuning or engine swipe will do the trick. However just the looks of this car ,how the standard engine is fuel efficient and the car is available in auto, does not stop people from buying it.
Finally we have the Mistubishi Evo Lancer, the car that most people can identified in Too Fast Too Furious. Putera Rizal drives the most current form of this car. 2.0 liter, turbocharged, all wheel drive, this is the arch enemy of the Subaru Impreza. A fight that has been going on for a long time, with each people having a different preference and ideas on both cars.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, just some of the stars in this movie... oh wait.. you readers want to know about the human actors and actresses.. oh ok...

Well if you see the poster of the film, you can see starting from the left, Aaron Aziz, Farid Kamil, Fasha Sandha, Syamsul Yusof and Diana Danielle. Everyone on the poster is the main characters but I have no idea why Diana Danielle is on the poster since her character is just supporting character and the movie will go well with or without her. I actually never seen Aaron Aziz act, because I do not follow his drama, but I do like his acting in this film, very cool, very calm, very evil. He does not have to over act like most of the supporting characters, just his gestures, body language and eyes shows how evil and dangerous he is. Farid Kamil seem to be acting in a lot of teen movies that involves fast vehicles, his acting is very playful and serious at the same time, no surprises no disappointments. I thought Fasha Sandha kick ass at the start of the film, because she was the only chick driving a car in the film and she was portrayed as a female racer which I know is very sexually appealing to most petrol heads. Alas Fasha Sandha is still Fasha Sandha, because after 15 minutes into the film, she becomes the typical, crying, whining, girly Fasha Sandha that we all know and recognized. Syamsul Yusof, the son of Yusof Haslam, the well known director of very corny Malay film, does a pretty good job of directing but needs more training in his stiff acting. Overall the film was great, the sound tract accompanying the film was modern, hip hop and RnB. Even the night club scene look realistic with people which actually can dance to the beat. The race is superb, which almost made me want to drift my own 190e, although it would just be stupid since you need a manual transmission to drift properly.

You can see Aaron Aziz and Fasha Sandha in Watson, Guardian and any other drugstore because both are spokeperson of two global cosmetic companies, which is Loreal for Men for Aaron and Maybeline and Pantene for Fasha. Aaron is the spokesperson for the new Men Expert line from Loreal which is probably only available in Asia, which is the whitening range. So guys out there who have been sneaking into their wives, girlfriends, sisters room to use their whitening cream, you don't have to do it anymore because Loreal now introduced a whitening range that consist of of cleanser and a moisturizer. This is a great addition to their line in Malaysia includes products for oily skin, tired skin and matured skin. So like the tagline for Loreal for Men " You're worth it too".
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