Monday, April 7, 2008

Balik Kampung

Last Saturday, my mom, myself and my sister balik kampung. My other siblings was either too tired or to busy. I decided to balik kampung because it has been a long time since I balik kampung and I need to get my mother's trust again. Beside Wan is having a small kenduri so there will be plenty of food. Also this is my first time driving all the way to kampung, since my mom has gained my trust, at least she trust me driving...
This is my Wan's house, she just got it built last Raya and painted it with a nice shade of purple.

There is nothing like kopi o with these small, crunchy bite size bread/biscuit that taste heavenly when dunked into kopi o, tea or teh tarik.

There was a kenduri and we had nice feast. Udang masak lemak cili api (prawns in chili padi coconut gravvy), ayam masak kicap (soy sauce chicken), ikan bakar dgn kuah asam (grilled fish with tammarin sauce), and pecal (steamed or raw veggies with sweet peanut sauce).

Wan invited the pak haji and the surau folks for a little prayer session before lunch.

Also for today was my grandmother's older sister, who getting re married, so small picture taking and hantaran exchange was done. This was both the groom and bride second wedding.

It was a day of eating and laughing with family members

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