Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Day to Run Away...

Wednesday was a fully planned day. I had everything planned out. Morning at 9 am, will go to workshop to drop of my car to change my transmission oil and check the radiator. Then my bro will pick me up. Then off to UPM in my kapchai to transfer my parasite and then look up cryopreservation solution for my parasites and some more DNA extraction information. Alas we can only plan, and the Almighty might have something else in mind. The workshop was not opened yet when I got there at 9 am. I called my little brother many times but he did not answer the phone. Then I got a call from my friend that there will be a seminar that I have to attend today. So I cancel the workshop visit, drove home, pick up by laptop and then head straight to UPM. I needed to check up my mice, but only to find out. They have died, one of the mice already is the first stage of decomposition while the second just died early this morning. I tried my luck and thankful that there is still some parasite living in the second mice. I thought it would be just a regular seminar with the colleagues in the microlab but it ended up to be something a bit more.
This was a presentation by one of the students from Iraq. His presentation was definitely a step above the rest of the Foreign students that I have saw presenting. He was very confident, no need to read anything, he just talks and talks. He does talk, A LOT!, I mean I could not understand what he was saying, and he kept on going and going and going..

Even during the QA session, he kept cutting of the judges questions until one the head judges had to tell him shut up and listen. To me that Iraqian guy sound more like a salesman than a student giving a presentation. At least it was very entertaining seeing he and the judges argue :p

I thought I could skip the whole seminar thing, because essentially its the same thing. I mean I have attended some of the seminars this semesters, beside I wanted to see if I can send the car to the workshop at noon. My sister suddenly sms me, and asked if I could buy her contact lenses since her's was torn. I went to The Mines and surveyed for the best price there. I tried to call her but she did not pick up the phone even though she told me that she would call me if I got to The Mines. I felt like just getting up and leave but I need her favour on something, so I had to be patient.

It was almost 3pm by the time I was finished, and it will be too late to send the car to the shop. So I decided to balik. There was this heavy storm and rained that made visibility very poor.

I wonder if the rain is caused by the wrath of people looking for me in the lab. It seem even though I do my work solo, when I am not in the lab, suddenly people started to look for me. I could spend one day in the lab without talking to anyone but even if I left early people would know my absence.

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