Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Walk walk find food

I wanted to try another way to go to Pavillion. I used the SMART tunnel and exit at Jln Sultan Ismail to reach Jln Raja Chulan. Sure the traffic was flowing freely until after the SMART tunnel. My toll to reach Pavillion can reach up to RM 10 if I took all the toll path but rather than be stuck in a traffic jam with a 2.6 litre car that not only uses a lot of fuel but it had the tendency to overheat I rather pay for my petrol for actually moving the car instead of being stuck in jam with thermostat reaching dangerous levels.
Hmm I went to Pavillion to run some errands, I met Beruang Madu and Hairie there and we all had dinner at Carls Jr. I am so kenyang now.. I cannot sleep because my stomach is still full. Probably from all that free refill of ice lemon tea.

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