Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kedai Makan William

HAHAHAHA!!! finally I got to go where Shah, Lily, Ziana, Inah and Awie went to have a marvelous dinner. WILLIAM!!! Hairie took me and his mom to this place, Hairie pointed the way while I drive. It was not that far and the direction leading there was rather simple.
I love Ribena so I ordered the Ribena ice blended with longans in them while Hairie and his mum shared this gigantic Ribena lychee. As you can see half of the mug is lychee, I love my ice blended Ribena with longan, better that 7 eleven sluppee (btw Ribena is a blackcurrant drink for those who never heard of the brand)

Hairie has this amazing, cheesy, large, juicy spaghetti cabonara with meatballs. OH MY GAWD!! the meatball is freakin huge, the taste was heavenly. Hairie gave it an A+.

Hairie ordered his mum the Nasi Goreng Ketam (Crab fried rice). Another shocking dish because it was so tall. No I am not kidding you never see fried rice this tall. There were like a soft shell crab, around 5 medium sized prawns, generous amount of fried crab meat all piled on top of a tom yam fried rice. You can really taste the tom yam in the fried rice. Something seafood lover should have

Then this, Chicken Premium, Dr Shah's favourite with a pandan chicken, 2 chicken sausage, 2 different kinds of chicken ham (i think the dark one is chicken..), some minced white chicken and a dollop of mash potato in the middle with a pool of gravy.

I had the specialty of the night, which is Lamb Shank with butter rice (I think it was shank.. dunno la forgot). The reason I forgot was that the lamb was HUGE!!!!! and the meat practically fell of the bone. The Dal curry was fabulous with generous amount of veggies. Even the well flavoured buttered rice had a couple of sweet cherry tomatoes hidden in it. I think the green stuff is the mint veggie thing that you have with Nan bread. I love this dish it was perfect. I give a 4.0 GPA :D

Dude I was SO FULL!!! the food was delicious, Hairie mum was charming character to be with. Many thanks to Hairie for showing me the way here and for treating us dinner. Hmm now which restaurant should I bring Hairie along to reply this fabulous meal.. (pssst we go to riverview nak and have all the butter prawns we wants, Muahahaaaa!!!! :D). Uncle William must be very happy that us bloggers are promoting his business, my laboratory friends (the human ones) wants to go this place too. Haiya.. rosak2 diet nih....
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