Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ada apa tentang kereta?

When I get really bored or tense at work, what I love to do is to surf the net and pretend like I am eligible to buy a car. Two websites I always seem to go is the Proton and Perodua websites, because the have cars that fit my standard and price tag (the latter being the determining factor really)

I always seem to switch between Persona and Myvi, Persona because its a sedan like my Merc and the Myvi because its so reliable. Reliability or space, when I get tense with thesis, I stress myself with these two unimportant questions :p

My Mercedes is having problem again, the water in the radiator seem to dry up very fast now days. I made sure I have bottle of water to fill up the radiator before my engine overheats. Its time to visit the mechanic.

Miy car has the biggest engine that they could stuff in a 190e body. This is an inline 6 cylinder, 2.6 liter engine. Being a 6 cylinder, the engine is very smooth, and being a 2.6 liter, the road tax is expensive but the pickup is great.

It was weird when at 6.30 pm, there was a sudden surge of traffic in front of my house. So rarely there is this much build up of jam at this time of day.

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