Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Morning

Yes a Saturday morning, finally. I was looking forward for this particular Saturday, but alas, planned changes and I got to bite the dust. However no matter, what is done is done, I cannot do anything about it when I have no control of it, so I am looking forward for a relaxing Saturday. As luck would have it, a relaxing Saturday was not possible. I had a rude awakening by my psychotic sister because she wanted her DVD game (she was a damn fool thinking CD and DVD is the same thing). My room was a mess so I could not get it for her and she end up getting pissed off. You want to get piss of at me on a Saturday morning when I am supposed to sleep longer, I could just swear at her till she broke down and crying but I rather not. Blah sama dia..

Anyways, what to do, what to do. Today I had to visit the lab to check on my mice, my infected mice are still alive and kicking so cannot mess with that. However the cages were filthy and there have been so many mice dying (at least the mice buried their kind) also some the mice got into fights, some of them are mutilated. Also some gave birth, or got pregnant already. So its time to group them according to sex, age, and health.

Tomorrow I will have to come again and conduct a wedding ceremony for the mice because I am running low on mice so I need to conduct a wedding ceremony for the mice. If I am just lazy I will just conduct a sex orgy for them, so they can have blast with orgies (group sex). This is important because I swear I saw some male mice humping each other with the male mice below (I am guessing this one is the "wife") were screaming. It was such a weird sight, I saw my two hamster fighting with the female hamster beating the crap out of the male hamster and now gay rodents.

What does this all mean? I means I have been spending way to much time with rodents that I could witness this human like characteristic.
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