Friday, April 18, 2008

I want.....but...

I want to go home, but I have to fulfill my responsibility as a RA for my prof because my incomes depends on it.

I want to have that Egg Mc Muffin with Sausage Mc Value Meal along with a free Egg Mc Muffin coupon, but to Mc D is not a healthy choice and driving to McD will use up petrol, waste money and contribute to global warning.

I want a small fuel efficient new car, but can I accept that it won't be as fast, as big, as safe, as a status symbol (it seems driving the big, old, petrol guzzling Merc, gets you more respect in Campus)

I want to loose all this excess weight, but can I stick to the regime?.

I want a better and healthier integumentary system, but that rough cracked soles, the forever itchy and flaky scalp, oily skin and block pores required a heavy duty, time consuming regime.

I want to speak clearer and less muttering but it requires a lot of effort to open my mouth, slow down when speaking, use clarity instead of volume, and reducing the twang when speaking English and Malay.

I want to solve all this problem but I got to stop making excuses....
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