Tuesday, April 29, 2008


It was a dreadful day for me, in fact it was a dreadful 3 days since Monday. The only time I was truly happy was the dinner at William on Monday.

I got an assignment that is due on Tuesday and I still haven't got it done. I have this very laid back, very cool personality which is very bad for a person because it make the person lazy and will make them easily satisfied. So I am trying to change this personality into something better. So far stress, and I mean real stress is the only way I could get my mind moving for now. I want to change that soon.
I was so focused with work that all I had for breakfast and lunch was these pastelles mints..
As you can see, I only have adrenaline keeping me awake and going to finish this work.

On top of that my car is still not fixed fully, the guy above is the head mechanic working on my car. The guy who use to work on my car, quit to open his own shop. Anyways the car is still not working 100% yet. Tomorrow after work will I check the aircond system and to get the replacement radiator water level sensor.

These are what was replaced and repaired through out the week I rempit to UPM

The total cost..yes I know its high, but the fuel pump control unit eats up the most budget. A new one would cost us RM 2700. This device tells the engine how much fuel to squirt at a given time. All electronic fuel injection (EFI) cars have this device in one form or another. However most kancils, iswaras and other really old car don't have to worry about this problem because your car uses a carburetor, which is just strictly mechanical.

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