Friday, April 11, 2008

Sleep, Dreams, Nightmares, Lock Doors

Right after my previous post, I went to bed and just laid there. They say a good rest can calm the angry (hungry) bear. Well it did, kinda. I had dreams of things that was suppressed and thought of during the previous day. There is this one gym located near my house in Kajang. A couple of friends invited me to join them. I heard of this gym before because a brochure about the gym was also given along with our daily newspaper clipping. I remembered keeping that brochure for a very long time and then throwing it away. Anyways, I had the strangest dream of actually trying to find the gym, I am known to be very poor at following and giving directions to a location. The dream was all about the confusion, full of salesperson trying to sell me stuff and giving me weird addresses. I ended up driving on the highway and just getting lost, something normal for me, yes I am a stubborn bull not stopping for directions (Yes I have spent a lot on petrol while getting lost, with a car that guzzles RM 70 a week even though the drive to UPM is only 15 minutes). Anyways I am not sure whether its a dream or even its a nightmare, I realized that it was a dream, since the address was given to me was so wacky. I decided to wake up and realised it was still quite early even though my alarms (yes two of them) has gone off. I decided to wait until my mother calls me on my phone (she calls me to see if I am up, our rooms are located quite far a part). I decided to lay on the bed for a little while before undressing to take my shower. Just as I was getting naked, she open the door. MA!!!!!!!!!!!! I yelled and grabbed the door handle. Just as I was grumbling fiercely, I opened the door and stormed out of the room to find her. Not in the living room, not in the office room not in the kitchen. That 51 year old lady sprinted straight upstairs in a flash. She told me not to lock the doors just in case there is an emergency and we need to evacuate quickly. Fuck the emergency, can I have a little privacy please.
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