Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Day Out

Going to KL is definitely something I love to do now. Some people call it foolish to travel all the way from Kajang to KL. Come on, its not that far really, if there is no traffic jam, I can arrived in like 20 minutes.
While waiting for my friends, I was just capturing the sky line. It has been raining almost every day now. I cannot be more grateful since I have a car to use.

I went to Time Square to celebrate a birthday dinner with a couple of friends that I just met. Apparently all 5 of them are banned from appearing in blogs, so I am the only who can show my face, so there is no picture of the heavy steamboat dinner we had.

After that, a game of bowling between 5 of us, one guy skipped this activity.

After bowling we went to lepak at one coffee shop when I noticed this Ferarri being parked nearby, I just cannot resist snapping a picture of it. To young men came out of the car, which is suprising because I don't think you can afford this car and that young age. Probably their daddy's car... :p

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