Monday, April 7, 2008

Family Matters

Quote given from my sister over a plate of leftover char kuey tow that my dad made.
"I know you are doing something you are not supposed to do, so please stop doing whatever it is you are not supposed to do, I have a hunch that you are doing something you are not supposed to do, so please stop it"

What did I do?
Is becoming a normal human being for a change wrong?
Is it wrong to hang out with friends outside of my circle?
Is it wrong to meet new people and exchange new views in life?
Is it wrong to stay out late a couple of days a week, lets say, 1am for a 24 year old male?
My sister gave me this weird speech, while my mom gave me that deep piercing look as if they are trying to dig something out of me. I mean why can't just they tell me I am doing something wrong instead of making me confess something I did not do. Are they working part time for the FBI? I thought this phase of them being worried is over and done since I followed a general guideline which is

1. Stay out late as you want, but always return home
2. Don't go out every day of the week.

I followed both rules and still they gave me that look and question as if I am doing something wrong. If I do tell them everything, they say I am a chatterbox, if I don't it will be as if I am hiding something. This is just one of the problems when living with family. I really have to get to the bottom of this sudden suspicious and paranoia of them.
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