Sunday, April 6, 2008


Yup greasy, I am having problem with greasy oily skin. I think I noticed it when I was in my first semester doing my Masters..

My skin is so oily, I just can't help it to rub Ms Chu, my dwarf hamster on my skin to absorb some excess oil while keeping her fur soft and oily :p

Not only the skin on my face, but my scalp is getting greasier since I start having shorter hair more often now.

I already have a mattifying toner.

I switched my cleasers and moisturizer from whitening and protecting to oil control. Right now I rather be dark and have uneven skin tone that being oily.

I even tried this clay mask for oily skin to help with my condition. However I have not been using it frequently enough for it to show an effect on my skin.

Skin changes through out our lives mine changed from dry to oil in one semester. I think because I stay in a dry air cond room, my skin oil production went overboard.. hence the greasy face. Perhaps I need a change in moistuirizers too, because the current oil control moisturizer is a gel creme, meaning the creme part still greased up my face... Need to find other gel alternatives other than gamat gel..

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